Progress Report

The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is the administrative arm of the Court. Since December 3, 2018, I have been responsible for maintaining the Court’s records with the assistance of a staff of 200. Not only does the Court’s records include all documents filed in a case, but it also includes marriage license applications and certificates, business licenses, property records and more. Additionally, I am responsible for administrating the oath of office to county and local elected officials, individuals appointed by the Governor and the County Executive, and public safety officers.

COVID-19 Operations

The Court continued its operations during the height of the pandemic. My staff and I continued to safely report to work; even though, the courthouse was closed to the public while many other businesses were able to have their employees work from home. The Clerk’s Office was able to continue the essential functions of the courthouse through our collaborative efforts with our judicial partners, our ability to quickly pivot and offer alternatives to in-person services, and through the dedication and hard work of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office Staff.

Some highlights include:

  • Quickly acquired and installed the proper safety barriers, equipment and PPE necessary to keep the staff safe in the office.
  • Enhanced the use of a 24-hour drop box for accepting case filings.
  • Timely processed court orders, including emergency requests.
  • Maintained timely and open communication with the public.
  • Processed marriage license applications and issued marriage certificates by mail.
  • Staffed virtual hearings using Zoom.
  • Processed and recorded land records, including deeds.
  • Administered the oath of office to elected officials and public safety officers.
  • Participated in virtual expungement clinics.


COVID-19 highlighted the importance and need of reliable technology. I campaigned on the promise of bringing online case management to Prince George’s County. I am pleased to say that with the diligent work of the Circuit Court staff and the judiciary, Prince George’s County has started its transition to Maryland’s online case management system known as MDEC. We are advancing my campaign promise and we are slated to go live with MDEC by the end of my first term. Additionally, my staff and I have been working diligently to ensure that the transition from paper to digital is accurate, efficient and reliable for all the customers of the Prince George’s County Circuit Court.

Community Outreach

Community engagement has been one of my top priorities as Clerk of the Circuit Court. It is important for the residents of Prince George’s County to understand the services the Clerk’s Office provides, and for me to hear from residents, even during the pandemic. I attended numerous community events, civic association meetings, participated in panel discussions and community food distributions. Additionally, the Clerk’s Office participated in fairs, expungement clinics, and hired paid summer interns.